Bathroom waistline design breaks the rules and attracts attention

Generally, only one decorative line is used for the wall surface of the space, which is arranged at a position of 0.8 to 1 meter from the ground, also called the waist line. The position of the tile waistline is just like the waistline of the garment, which is an indispensable embellishment. For example, the popular fashion release, the tile waist line that determines the style of home decoration, also has its own trend changes.In the past, the waistline was always horizontal. But in many of the decorations this year, the waistline design will break the rules and take the vertical route. According to professionals, the vertical waistline will be more fluid on the line than the horizontal waistline, and it will save material more than the horizontal waistline. In the choice of pattern, bright, eye-catching, cultural or modern vertical waist line is the best choice.

Very thin waistline: elegant and elegant

The same size and uniformity are the standard requirements for laying tiles. The traditional waistline is a rectangular tile. Apart from the change of color, there is no other change in the look and feel. The design of the small-sized waistline has gradually appeared in fashionable new products in recent years. The thin waistline can be used with the ordinary waistline or alone.

In the elegant bathroom space, the appearance of the thin waistline is delicate and elegant, just like a girl’s thin waistband, not unassuming, and eye-catching.

Thick waistline: pattern wins

Compared with people who like delicate styles, people who like colorful patterns also have personalized choices. Instead of the waist line, large-sized flowers are used. In addition to the stronger impact of the color, different assembling methods can also make people look good. One bright. According to the user’s preference, different tiles can be selected to make an artistic arrangement and create a personalized design.

Square waistline: surrounded by mirror

In addition to the above several stickers, the waistline has a variety of creative stickers, placed along the mirror, so that the mirror has a frame that can be matched with the wall. The feeling of space is more consistent.

Post time: Oct-17-2018
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