Consumer demand new smart bathroom is sought after

According to an authoritative portal website survey, environmental protection, energy conservation and intelligence have become the focus of consumers’ attention in sanitary ware in the past two years, and pointed out that this trend will be strengthened in the future sanitary consuming market. This type of products is in the terminal market. Will be especially popular.
“Before buying sanitary products, consumers mainly pay attention to price and quality. Now they will ask whether they are saving water, whether the size of water is several liters, whether the radiation index is qualified, etc. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the environmental performance of sanitary products will It is being strengthened more and more.” Xie Xin, secretary general of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Sanitary Committee, said. Ms. Zhang said: “Since I went to Japan, I found that Japanese sanitary ware products are all intelligent, and I started to pay close attention to smart sanitary ware.” From the Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath Exhibition, Emperor Sanitary Ware showed its latest smart toilet. The popularity of such products can also be seen by the audience and the media.
The new material bathroom is environmentally friendly and comfortable and can be customized.
Nowadays, ceramic sanitary ware products are no longer dominated by the world. New materials such as acrylic, artificial stone, wood and stainless steel have sprung up. According to Wu Zhixiong, general manager of Emperor Sanitary Ware, “The biggest feature of Acrylic is environmental protection, and the products can be recycled and reused. At the same time, its toughness, easy to clean, easy to repair, multi-color and other characteristics are well received by consumers. Many sanitary ware companies have launched Acrylic material products.”
Xie Xin said: “From a global perspective, the use of new environmentally friendly materials is an inevitable trend in the sanitary industry. China started late in this area, such as stainless steel sanitary ware in Germany, acrylic and artificial stone sanitary ware in France, Italy and other countries. The technology is relatively mature, but the good news is that China’s new materials sanitary ware is growing at a rate of more than 30% per year.

Post time: Jan-18-2019
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